2024-2025 Catalog

General Catalog Disclaimer

The contents of this catalog do not constitute a contract between Georgia Northwestern Technical College and its students on either a collective or individual basis. It represents Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s best academic, technical, social, and financial planning information at the time the catalog was published. Courses and curriculum change continually based on evaluations and needs. Modifications of fees, and other changes, plus unforeseen changes in other special aspects of Georgia Northwestern Technical College life sometimes occur between college catalog publications, and the changes may not be represented in the current catalog version. Because of this, Georgia Northwestern Technical College does not assume contractual obligation with students for the contents of this catalog. Georgia Northwestern Technical College reserves the right to change any provision listed in the catalog, including, but not limited to entrance requirements and admission procedures, courses and programs of study, academic requirements for graduation, fees and charges, financial aid rules and regulations, and the college calendar without actual notice to individual students. Information on changes will be available on the college’s home web page www.gntc.edu and in the GNTC Admissions Office.

The Georgia Northwestern Technical College Catalog is revised periodically. The most current version is available on our website: www.gntc.edu

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