2024-2025 Catalog

Course Descriptions

Credit Course Descriptions: On the following pages students will find descriptions of courses offered by the college. Course descriptions identify course names, short summaries of course contents, and prerequisites that must be taken before other specific courses can be taken. Students must earn grades of “C” or better in prerequisite courses in order to take higher level courses. Course descriptions also identify corequisite courses that must be taken with specific courses, and the number of credit hours students will earn with successful completion of courses.

Course Number Identification:  Courses numbered 0090-0099 are Learning Support courses and do not carry credit towards graduation. Courses numbered 1000 and above carry credit towards graduation. General education courses carrying a course number of 1000-1099 are diploma courses. Course numbers from 1100-2000 identify degree courses.  Occupational courses are numbered 1000-2999. Associate of applied science degree students taking general education courses for associate degree programs must take general education/core courses numbered 1100-2999.  ENGL 1101, for example, is an associate degree level course. The College reserves the right to cancel or delete any course section with insufficient enrollment.