2023-2024 Catalog

Domestic and Family Violence Specialist (DVP1) Certificate

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Program Description:

The Domestic and Family Violence Specialist TCC is designed to prepare individuals to obtain entry-level employment in public and private social service agencies that work with Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment services. The Domestic and Family Violence Specialist is equipped with the skills, knowledge, values, and sensitivity to serve those involved and those impacted by domestic and family violence. The preparation for the domestic and family violence specialist will include developing introductory social work and case management skills, interviewing technique skills, group intervention skills, and multicultural sensitivity, and human behavior and social environment awareness. This TCC will specifically focus on the exploration of domestic and family violence. The student will be prepared to assist the social worker in developing, organizing, and conducting programs to resolve problems relevant to domestic violence prevention and treatment.


Required Courses (21 Credit Hours)

SOCW 2010Introduction to Case Management


SOCW 2020Human Behavior and the Social Environment


SOCW 2030Interviewing Techniques with I


SOCW 2050Group Work Intervention


SOCW 2080Social Work Field Practicum and Seminar I


SOCW 2150Domestic and Family Violence


Total Credit Hours: 21 Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation