2023-2024 Catalog

Pell Recalculation Policy

Each term, the financial aid office will set a Pell Recalculation Date to coincide with no show reporting for the term.  This is typically is within seven instructional days of the full term.  Any changes to enrollment after this date will not change a student's calculated Pell award.  Exceptions to this policy include when a student adds a class for the first time that semester (i.e. adds a mini-session class that starts later in the term as their initial enrollment), when a student fails to begin attendance in a class, or when the college receives an initial FAFSA for the student.  In these cases, Pell must be recalculated.  

For example, if a student begins fall term in August in six credit hours and in October decides to add a class for the mini-session that begins in October, the student will not receive additional Pell funds for the October class.  The student is only eligible for the Pell funds calculated on the 6 hours of enrollment once the no shows have been reported and processed.  

This only applies to Pell funds