2023-2024 Catalog

Additional Expenses above Tuition and Fees

Books and Supplies

The bookstore is located on the Floyd County Campus. Bookstore hours are posted at the bookstore and can also be found on the GNTC website. Bookstore operations are managed by Textbook Brokers. The bookstore has new and used books, supplies, and other items for sale. Online sales are also available.  Online and in store sales can be charged to financial aid.  Free shipping is available on orders over $100.  Refunds are available in accordance with Textbook Brokers policy. The Textbook Brokers refund policy is posted prominently in the campus bookstores. The campus bookstore will be available throughout the term for students to sell their books back to Textbook Brokers. The buyback price of the book is based on many factors, including the condition of the book, the edition, and the current demand for the book.


Some programs require that students furnish hand tools. These are areas where a person is expected to have tools upon employment. The required tools may not constitute a complete set but will be adequate to begin work in the field of study.

Online Learning

GNTC does not charge higher tuition for online courses. There is no additional fee for assigning a unique user name and password. GNTC students are not charged a proctoring fee if testing at a GNTC location or any campus within the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Proctoring fees may apply for students receiving services at sites other than GNTC or a TCSG college. These proctoring fees may range from $10-$50.