BUSN 2700 Introduction to Health Informatics

Emphasizes essential beginning skills for introductory health informatics practice. This course presents the past, present, and future of this rapidly evolving discipline, and explore the critical issues and challenges within the field as well as potential applications, benefits, and opportunities for improving the management of healthcare through information technology. Topics include development of virtual and interactive healthcare through technology; interoperability, standardization, safety, and risks associated with the implementation of the electronic health record; emergence and adoption of new information technologies; and global perspective of trends and issues in the field. Students investigate the professional roles related to managing health information technology as well as organizations that promote health informatics. Students conduct in-depth investigations on a specific health informatics positions to learn the responsibilities, essential skills sets, and professional and educational requirements of the job.




BUSN 1010 or BUSN 2300 or ALHS 1090.


CIST 1001