2019-2020 Catalog

Catering Specialist (CS61) Certificate

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Program Description:

The Catering Specialist technical certificate of credit program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for the catering profession. Learning opportunities develop occupational and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes a combination of culinary theory and practical application necessary for successful employment.

Announcement: GNTC accepting new students for the Culinary Arts
program in an online format for summer semester 2020.

New students are currently being accepted into Georgia Northwestern Technical
College’s Culinary program for the summer semester. Courses for the summer semester
have been adapted to fit an online learning environment.

The following courses can be taken online for the summer semester:
CUUL 1000 – Fundamentals of Culinary Arts
CUUL 1110 ‐ Culinary Safety and Sanitation
CUUL 1370 ‐ Culinary Nutrition and Menu Development

For more information about our Culinary Arts program or to get information about
enrolling, please contact Chef Greg Paulson at gpaulson@gntc.edu.

Note to current students in the program: The following Culinary Arts courses have been
removed from the summer semester 2020 schedule due to the face‐to‐face hours required to
be able to successfully complete the curriculum:
CUUL 2142 ‐ International Cuisine
CUUL 2144 ‐ Advanced Baking
CUUL 2160 ‐ Contemporary Cuisine


Required Courses (25 Credit Hours)

CUUL 1110Culinary Safety and Sanitation


CUUL 1120Principles of Cooking


CUUL 1220Baking Principles


CUUL 1129Fundamentals of Restaurant Operations


CUUL 1320Garde Manger


CUUL 2160Contemporary Cuisine


Total Credit Hours: 25 Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation