LACT 1112 Lactation Practicum III

This clinical experience focuses on public health resources as well as continuation of practice in clinics, hospitals, private practice lactation offices, doctors offices and community sources. Students will use research, counseling, assessment, and documentation skills through clinical practice under the supervision of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). In this practicum students will continue working with the pre-natal mother, and the breastfeeding dyad after birth. Students will utilize public health and community resources, including peer group counselors and private practice lactation consultants. Student will continue to demonstrate required lactation management skills, including documenting lactation histories, and conducting assessments of milk transfer and baby nutritional needs. Students will develop and teach prenatal breastfeeding classes as well as work with postpartum education and assessment. Students will work with the pregnant woman in education and assessment skills for prenatal breast exam and lactation history. The students will assist the breastfeeding dyad with positive breastfeeding clinical practices through education and counseling. Students will assist with and evaluate feedings based on learned criteria. Students will also demonstrate correct documentation of lactation history and assessments. The student may work with Nurse Practitioners, Physicians and breastfeeding peer counselors under the direct supervision of an IBCLC. The student must have 100 hours of clinical practice in this semester. Observation hours may NOT be used for Pathway 2 requirements for IBLCE.




Program Admission, LACT 1103, LACT 1104, LACT 1111


LACT 1105, LACT 1106