2019-2020 Catalog

Contacting Your Instructor

GNTC instructors make every effort to be accessible to students seeking advisement, assistance with course work, or answers to questions in general. Full-time faculty members have regularly scheduled office hours. Students may make appointments with full-time faculty during scheduled office hours or at other times convenient to the instructor. In addition, faculty members may be contacted through the campus mail system, voice mail, and email. If you are unable to reach your instructor by phone, please leave a voicemail including your full name, return phone number, and message. You should expect a telephone response within 24 business hours during the instructional week. 

Adjunct faculty include their contact information on their syllabus. Students not having the syllabus may call the Office of Academic Affairs for assistance.

Please be aware that instructors may not be able to respond to a phone or email message during class time.