Student Handbook 2018-2019

Tuition Rates

This fee is the student’s share of instructional cost other than consumable supplies. At this time, the tuition fee for Georgia Northwestern Technical College is $89 per credit hour up to 15 credit hours. See chart below for tuition based on credit hours taken. Some certificate program tuition varies per credit hour. See information chart below and contact the Office of Admissions for other certificate program tuition fees.

The tuition which a student pays each semester is assessed according to the policies established for all technical colleges governed by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia. Tuition is based on the number of semester hours scheduled up to a maximum equal to the cost of 15semester hours. Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Credit Hours* Tuition
Georgia Resident**
Foreign Nationals
1 89 178 356
2 178 356 712
3 267 534 1068
4 356 712 1424
5 445 890 1780
6 534 1068 2136
7 623 1246 2492
8 712 1424 2848
9 801 1602 3204
10 890 1780 3560
11 979 1958 3916
12 1068 2136 4272
13 1157 2314 4628
14 1246 2492 4984
15 1335 2670 5340

Financial Aid Award Availability for Bookstore Use

The Business Office will allow students to use a Bookstore Credit that will consist of 100% of Pell funds, up to $600 and is calculated after all Institutional Charges have been deducted from a student’s Pell award. Students may use the Bookstore Credit to charge books and supplies in campus bookstores. An additional authorization amount above $600 can be obtained with Business Office Approval, subject to the availability of residual Pell award(s).

If a student chooses to “opt out” of the bookstore credit, then the student needs to complete the “Request to Opt-Out of Bookstore Credit” form located at the Cashier’s window of the Business Office one week before the start of the semester. Please note the “opt out” option does NOT allow you to receive your financial aid Pell Grant refund early.

*A full-time student is registered for 12 credit hours or more. A part-time student is registered for fewer than 12 credit hours.

**Alabama and Tennessee residents pay the same tuition as Georgia residents. All other out-of-state residents pay the out-of-state tuition.

**Basic Law Enforcement tuition is $184 per credit hour for Georgia residents and $368 for out-of-state students, plus additional fees for background check, fingerprinting, POST application, physical, uniforms, and other items (approx. $600).

**Commercial Truck Driving tuition is $132 per credit hour for Georgia residents and $264 for out-of-state students, plus fees for drug screening, DOT physical, CDL road test, MVR report, and fuel surcharge (approx. $400).