Student Handbook 2018-2019

Online Classes

An online course is one delivered over the Internet using Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) through the Georgia Virtual Technical Connections. Hybrid courses use the LMS and also meet on campus part of the time. Web-enhanced classes meet on campus the required time but have some components in the LMS.

  • Online-the course instruction is entirely online and communication with your instructor is done within an online learning management system. Some courses require a proctored exam. Syllabus must be checked.
  • Hybrid-the course is taught partially online and on campus. The amount of time spent in the classroom can vary by instructor. This structure offers the opportunity to be in the classroom for personal communication.
  • Web-enhanced-all meetings are on campus, but many components of the course, like the syllabus, assignments, etc. will be housed in the learning management system.

Students are issued a username and password which should be kept confidential and never passed to another student or family member.