Student Handbook 2018-2019

Learning Support Studies

Because GNTC is dedicated to helping its students succeed, it places importance on testing, placement, and remediation of students. Learning support courses in reading and writing skills as well as in mathematics are required for students whose placement scores indicate that they need remediation in one or more academic areas. Students lacking the minimum required SAT or ACT scores will be given a placement test after the application for admission and the admission fee have been submitted. This test is used for counseling and placement purposes only. Students will be placed in Learning Support courses based on the test score requirements for their program of study. Test score requirements are posted on the GNTC website under Admissions/Testing Center.

Students placed in ENGL 0090- Learning Support English or MATH 0090- Learning Support Math will also be required to take COLL 1500 Student Success. Students are not eligible to graduate if Learning Support courses, including Student Success, have not been completed.