2018-2019 Catalog

RNSG 2110 Lifespan Nursing Care II

Lifespan Nursing Care II is offered in the third semester of the nursing program. It is the second course of a three course sequence focusing on the nursing needs of individuals throughout the lifespan experiencing common, predictable alterations in function. Content presented includes nursing care of the patient with alterations in: sensorineural function; hematological function; peripheral vascular function; cardiac function; urinary/renal function; and, glucose metabolism. The conceptual threads of nutrition, pharmacology, growth and development, communication, cultural diversity, teaching/learning process, nursing process/critical thinking, legal/ethical factors, technological competence, safety, disaster/emergency management the health-illness continuum, and therapeutic interventions continue to be incorporated throughout the course. The lecture and laboratory component of this course introduces the student to the application of the nursing process to patients with selected alterations in function which are considered more complex. Emphasis is placed on identification of both physiological and psychosocial problems with appropriate interventions. Continued emphasis is placed on goal setting and the evaluation of goal achievement. In the clinical setting the student will apply learned knowledge and psychomotor/psychosocial skills in providing nursing care for one or more assigned culturally diverse patients of all ages in diverse care settings including acute, ambulatory, and community experiences. This is a web enhanced course. Students may be required to access information, submit assignments, and test online through ANGEL.