2018-2019 Catalog

ENGL 1101 CoReq Composition and Rhetoric

Explores the analysis of literature and articles about issues in the humanities and in society. Students practice various modes of writing, ranging from exposition to argumentation and persuasion. The course includes a review of standard grammatical and stylistic usage in proofreading and editing. An introduction to library resources lays the foundation for research. Topics include writing analysis and practice, revision, and research. Students write a research paper using library resources and using a formatting and documentation style appropriate to the purpose and audience. This course is a corequisite course. It must be taken during the same semester as the required Learning Support English course, ENGL 0090, CoReq Learning Support English. Students who drop or withdraw from one of these courses must also drop or withdraw from the corequisite.




ENGL 0988 or appropriate placement test score in Reading and Writing (Sentence Skills).


ENGL 0090