2017-2018 Semester Catalog

VAST 2090 Vascular Clinical III

This course provides a culminating clinical setting experience which allows students to analyze information and procedural instruction provided throughout the program. In a variety of settings, students perform all noninvasive vascular procedures independently with the supervision of an appropriately credentialed technologist. They also participate in procedures such as abdominal and visceral, extremity venous, extremity arterial, and cerebrovascular. Emphasis is placed on skill level improvement and final completion of all required clinical competencies presented in previous courses and practiced in previous clinical vascular courses. Topics include: professional conduct; infection control techniques; patient history; imaging and measuring abdominal organs and recognizing normal and abnormal echo patter; scope of practice of a vascular technologist; transporting patients; duplex, indirect, and TCD machine utilization; equipment utilization; procedural skills and patient care; and vascular procedures.




VAST 2071, VAST 2080


VAST 2100