2017-2018 Semester Catalog

VAST 2071 Vascular II

This course teaches techniques of abdominal duplex and utilization of duplex ultrasound in therapeutic and surgical vascular exams. Arterial and venous duplex of abdominal vessels is included. Topics include: anatomy, physiology, pathology, symptomology of abdominal/pelvic vasculature; duplex abdominal aorta/iliac/pelvic arteries (male(impotence) and female); duplex renal arterylvein; duplex mesenteric arterylvein; duplex portal/hepatic veins; duplex IVC and iliac veins; therapeutic procedures; intraoperative duplex; vascular localization (sonographic guidance); vascular non-sonographic interventional procedures; maintaining clean and sterile environment; contrast media in medical imaging (radiologic and ultrasound); non-invasive test validation; history taking and assessment of abdominal arterial and venous disease.




VAST 1041, VAST 2060


VAST 2080