2017-2018 Semester Catalog

Policy on International Students

It is the policy of the Technical College System of Georgia that visa status is not a condition for admission to TCSG technical colleges. Prospective students must meet the state approved admissions requirements as outlined for all students. While visa status is not a condition for admission, it is critical information that may be collected for effective student advisement and tuition purposes. International students seeking admission to Georgia Northwestern Technical College must meet the following requirements in addition to the admission procedures for all new students:

  1. Furnish an official English translation and evaluation of secondary records and transcripts showing passing scores on native secondary school examinations and completion of the equivalency of a United States secondary school education. If the high school or secondary transcript is unavailable, the student may take the GED® test and submit official GED® test scores indicating that the student has passed the GED® test;
  2. Submit satisfactory scores on the ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER test which will, at the minimum, place international students in 097 course levels or above in reading, English, and math. International students will not be admitted to Georgia Northwestern Technical College if placement scores are lower than 097 course placement in any one of these three academic areas. Applicant will be referred to Adult Education classes;
  3. Submit proficiency in the English language;
  4. Pay all costs in full when registering for courses if not eligible for financial aid;
  5. Present to the Office of Admissions (for photocopying) the original document certifying immigrant or non-immigrant status (resident alien care, Form I-94, refugee care, etc.) for advisement purposes;
  6. Foreign students shall be enrolled only on a space available basis and shall not displace an eligible student desiring to enroll who is a Georgia resident.
  7. Foreign students pay four times the tuition required for Georgia residents; this applies to non-immigrant personnel. Foreign immigrants who are permanent residents shall pay the same as citizens of Georgia. Georgia Northwestern Technical College is not authorized to issue an I-20M to anyone for a student visa.