2017-2018 Semester Catalog

The New Move On When Ready (MOWR)

Programs formerly known as ACCEL, Dual Enrollment, and the “old” Move On When Ready are now consolidated into one program called Move On When Ready (MOWR). The new MOWR allows high school students to take academic degree level core courses that will transfer to any TCSG or USG college or university as well as occupational courses and diploma level core courses. Some students may choose to just take a few courses while others may choose to take their full course load with the college.

All college coursework taken through MOWR will be fully covered through MOWR funding, and students will not be required to pay out of pocket for tuition, college fees, or textbooks. The only fees students may be responsible for are course-specific fees determined by the college.

No hours taken through the new MOWR program will count toward a student’s HOPE Grant or Scholarship caps. Participating in the new MOWR program is a great incentive for high school students to get ahead on their college coursework!