Placement Test

The purpose of placement testing is to ensure that a student has the academic skills necessary to succeed in the chosen program of study. Minimum test score requirements are established based on statewide standards. Applicants for all degree, diploma, and selected certificate programs must take the COMPASS, ASSET, or ACCUPLACER placement exam unless they can provide exemption documentation. (See Exemption from Placement Testing.) Applicants taking the placement test at GNTC will have two opportunities to achieve scores that meet the program level requirements. Failure to achieve scores at program level requirements in one or more subjects will require taking learning support classes in the deficient areas. A link to a list of test preparation websites is available on the GNTC website under the “Admissions” tab on the “Testing Center” page.

Reasonable accommodations are made during testing for those who have a documented need. The examinee should meet with the campus Disability Services Coordinator and provide documentation supporting the request for accommodation. The coordinator will notify the director of the testing center of the approved accommodations. The examinee should make an appointment for testing with the testing center when paperwork is completed.