Admission Status

Admission to Georgia Northwestern Technical College will be in one of the following categories: Regular (Program Ready), Provisional, Learning Support, Special or Transient.

Regular (Program Ready): All admission requirements have been met to enter a selected program. The student is eligible to take all the courses in the program curriculum. Regular admission of transfer students is contingent upon his or her meeting all the regular admission requirements and being in good standing at a regionally accredited diploma or degree granting institution.

Provisional Status: Students who do not meet all requirements for regular admission into a selected program are granted provisional admission status. Provisionally admitted students may take learning support classes, and certain specified occupational courses as long as class pre- and co- requisites are satisfied.

All certificate, diploma, and associate degree program students initially admitted on a provisional basis must have satisfactorily completed the necessary prerequisite and learning support course work in order to progress through the State Standard Curriculum.

Pending Admit Status (High School Seniors Only): High school seniors who are expected to graduate at the end of the current academic year may be admitted early pending other admissions requirements being met.

Special Admit Status: Applicants who wish to take credit coursework, but are not seeking a certificate, diploma, or associate degree are granted Special Admit status. The following specifics define the parameters of this status:

  • may apply up to a maximum of 25 quarter or 17 semester credit hours into a specific program for credential seeking purposes after achieving regular admit status. The number of hours taken as a special admit student in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process.
  • May enroll in classes only on a space-available basis.
  • Should adhere to the specific institutional prerequisite requirements when selecting courses.
  • Will not be eligible for any financial aid.

Transient Status: Students who submit a Transient Agreement Letter from their home institution are granted Transient admission status. The Transient Agreement Letter should verify that the student is in good standing and should list the courses the student is eligible to take. A current Transient Agreement Letter is required for each term of enrollment.