2016-2017 Semester Catalog

Variable Frequency Drives Technician (VFD1) Certificate

Campus Availability and Advisement:

Program Description:

The Variable Frequency Drives Technician Certificate will give students an understanding of motor drive theory as well as comprehensive hands-on applications using 8 different motor drives including AC and DC drives. Students will take courses on DC circuits, AC circuits, Solid State Devices and Variable Frequency Motor Drives. This will prepare them for a career as an Electrician Technician 3 or equivalent.

Entrance Date:

Fall Semester

Required Courses (21 Credit Hours)

ELCR 1010Direct Current Circuits


ELCR 1020Alternating Current Circuits


ELCR 1030Solid State Devices


ELCR 2120Motor Controls


Total Credit Hours: 21 Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation