2016-2017 Semester Catalog

Dental Assisting (DA12) Diploma

Campus Availability and Advisement:

Program Description:

The Dental Assisting accredited program prepares students for employment in a variety of positions in today’s dental offices. The Dental Assisting program provides learning opportunities which introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Additionally, the program provides opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills or to retrain in the area of dental assisting. Graduates of the program receive a Dental Assisting diploma, a certificate in Dental Radiology, a certificate as an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant (EDDA), and are eligible to sit for The Dental Assisting National Board to become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA).

More Information: Review program costs, student debt, on-time graduation and more by clicking here.

Entrance Dates:

Polk Campus- Spring Semester/Gordon Campus- Fall Semester.

Students must complete all pre-occupational courses 1 full semester prior to the entry into the program on the campus of choice. Gordon County students must have all pre-occupational courses completed by the end of spring to enter in the fall. Polk County Students must have all pre-occupational classes completed by summer to enter in the spring.

Entrance Requirements:

Age: 17 years old for entrance into Health Technology pre-occupational curriculum
18 years old for entrance into Health Technology programs


  1. During your last semester of pre-occupational courses, see your advisor to apply for competitive entry
  2. Take the Psychological Services Bureau, Inc. (PSB) entrance exam
  3. GPA and PSB scores are calculated, accepted students will receive notification of mandatory orientation
  4. Background check and Drug Screening are required through PSI

    Attending Mandatory Orientation

  5. Documentation of ability to comply with health-related standards and meet minimum essential skill requirements and immunization records will be required
  6. Payment of fees for liability insurance
  7. Documentation of current Healthcare Provider CPR certification

Program graduates are eligible to apply to sit for the Dental Assisting National Board.

Pre-Occupational Curriculum (16 Credit Hours Minimum)

ENGL 1010Fundamentals of English I


PSYC 1010Basic Psychology


COMP 1000Introduction to Computers


ALHS 1040Introduction to Health Care


MATH 1012Foundations of Mathematics



ALHS 1011Structure and Function of the Human Body



DENA 1010Basic Human Biology


Occupational Curriculum (39 Credit Hours)

DENA 1050Microbiology and Infection Control


DENA 1030Preventive Dentistry


DENA 1080Dental Biology


DENA 1340Dental Assisting I: General Chairside


DENA 1070Oral Pathology and Therapeutics


DENA 1350Dental Assisting II: Dental Specialties and EFDA Skills


DENA 1390Dental Radiology


DENA 1090Dental Assisting National Board Examination Preparation


DENA 1400Dental Practice Management


DENA 1460Dental Practicum I


DENA 1470Dental Practicum II


DENA 1480Dental Practicum III


Total Credit Hours: 55 Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation