2016-2017 Semester Catalog

HOPE/Zell Miller Grant

HOPE/Zell Miller Grant is a state funded program available for students who are working toward a diploma or certificate program. The student must be a Georgia resident.

HOPE/Zell Miller Grant will no longer pay fees or book amounts. Students must maintain a 2.0 HOPE Grant GPA to receive the HOPE Grant. If the student is able to meet and maintain a 3.5 HOPE Grant GPA the student will receive the Zell Miller Grant, which pays 100% tuition for most programs. A HOPE/Zell Miller Grant recipient will have their GPA checked at the 30 and 60 credit hour check points. A student can lose the Zell Miller Grant by dropping below a 3.5 but will receive the HOPE Grant if the GPA is still at or above a 2.0. Students cannot receive both HOPE Grant and Zell Miller Grant in the same semester. The HOPE/Zell Miller CAP of 63 semester hours will apply to all programs.