2016-2017 Semester Catalog

HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE Scholarship is a state funded program available for students who are working toward a degree program. The student must be a Georgia resident and considered a HOPE Scholar. A HOPE Scholar is a 1993 or later high school graduate with a 3.0 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA) from high school. The high schools will notify GSFC of students who qualify. A student who did not graduate as a HOPE Scholar can become a HOPE Scholar after attempting 30/45, 60/90, or 90/135 semester/quarter hours with a 3.0 or better GPA.

To continue receiving the HOPE Scholarship, degree students must maintain a 3.0 GPA at each check point. The student’s GPA will be checked after the student has attempted 30, 60 and 90 semester hours and at the end of each spring term. First-year scholars (less than 30 hours) who attend less than full time will be checked at the end of the third term. There is a maximum number of hours that a student can attempt, which is 127 semester hours.

The HOPE Scholarship will no longer pay any amounts toward fees and books. GSFC has implemented a 7-year rule. Students who received HOPE Scholarship prior to Summer Term 2011, are eligible to receive HOPE Scholarship until June 30, 2099, regardless of high school graduation date. First time HOPE Scholarship recipients Summer Quarter 2011 or later are bound by the 7-year rule. Students who had not received a HOPE Scholarship award prior to Summer Term 2011, an expiration date will be set for each student as June 30th of the 7th academic year following his or her high school graduation. For students that graduated from a home school program or received a GED, the date of the student’s home school completion/graduate or GED test date will be used as the basis for determining the 7-year expiration date. Students can lose and regain eligibility once beginning Fall Term 2011. Any previous gains/losses prior to Fall Term 2011 will not apply.