2020-2021 Catalog

Semester Grade Point Average

Students will be awarded quality points for each credit course grade according to the following scale:

A = 4 Quality Points

B = 3 Quality Points

C = 2 Quality Points

D = 1 Quality Point

F = 0 Quality Points

The quality points awarded are then multiplied by the credits for that course to get the quality points earned for the course. Quality points earned for all semester courses are then totaled and divided by the total credits for the semester to obtain the semester grade point average (GPA). Grades of “W” and “WP” are not counted in the cumulative GPA. Hours transferred to GNTC via course exemption and/or prior credit for training are not counted in determining the GPA. Grades of “WF” will be recorded and calculated as an “F” in the GPA. Learning Support Courses will not affect GPA.