2017-2018 Semester Catalog

Surgical Technology (ST12) Diploma

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Campus Availability and Advisement:

Program Description:

The Surgical Technology, Diploma program prepares students for employment in a variety of positions in the surgical field. The Surgical Technology, Diploma program provides learning opportunities which introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and technical knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Additionally, the program provides opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills or to retrain in Surgical Technology. Graduates of the program receive a Surgical Technology diploma and are qualified for employment as surgical technologists.

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Entrance Dates:

Beginning of any semester for pre-occupational curriculum and Spring semester for occupational curriculum.

Entrance Requirements:

Age: 17 years old for entrance into pre-occupational curriculum
18 years old for entrance into occupational program curriculum


  1. Completion of application and related procedures;
  2. Achieve a score of 30th percentile on the Psychological Services Bureau, Inc. (PSB) entrance exam. If, after the third attempt on the entrance examination you have not received a score of at least 30, you will need to make an appointment with your advisor;
  3. Documentation of a physical examination and immunization records;
  4. Ability to comply with health related standards and meet essential skill requirements;
  5. Liability insurance payment;
  6. CPR certification;
  7. Background Check

Retention Policies:

  1. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better. A “C” must be achieved in each course in order to progress to the next semester of the program;
  2. Students must attain a numerical grade of 70 or better in each Surgical Technology lecture course and 80 in clinical rotations to progress in the program;
  3. A student must maintain CPR certification and carry professional liability insurance while enrolled in Surgical Technology courses.

Program Final Exit Point:

Program graduates will be eligible to sit for the certified surgical technologist examination.

Pre-Occupational Curriculum (16 Credit Hours)

ENGL 1010Fundamentals of English I


MATH 1012Foundations of Mathematics


ALHS 1011Structure and Function of the Human Body


ALHS 1090Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences


PSYC 1010Basic Psychology


Occupational Curriculum (41 Credit Hours)

SURG 1010Introduction to Surgical Technology


SURG 1020Principles of Surgical Technology


SURG 1080Surgical Microbiology


SURG 1100Surgical Pharmacology


SURG 2030Surgical Procedures I


SURG 2040Surgical Procedures II


SURG 2110Surgical Technology Clinical I


SURG 2120Surgical Technology Clinical II


SURG 2130SurgicalTechnology Clinical III


SURG 2140Surgical Technology Clinical IV


SURG 2240Seminar in Surgical Technology


Total Credit Hours: 57 Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation